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Insurance Policies – Take the Time to Read Yours

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Handling insurance defense cases creates an opportunity to regularly read insurance policies. It is not an easy task. They are long, complicated and sometimes confusing. Unfortunately, reading through your own policies is a necessary, albeit unappealing, task.

Insurance policies are like emergency savings accounts set aside to cover the unexpected. Insureds pay premiums and then insurers (the insurance companies) have money set aside in case something bad happens (e.g. there’s a car accident, a patient files a complaint, something is stolen, etc.). They can be… Continue reading

What is PIP Insurance Coverage?

PIP stands for Personal Injury Protection and it is coverage available on automobile insurance policies.  PIP is no-fault insurance coverage for medical and other expenses, such as wage loss, loss of service benefits (payment to others for work you cannot do) and funeral expenses, which result from an automobile accident.  It is a form of health insurance and coverage is triggered by an automobile accident.

PIP coverage generally applies to the driver and passengers in the insured vehicle, and does not provide coverage… Continue reading