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Land Use and Natural Resource

The attorneys at Carmichael Clark have significant experience representing clients in a broad array of land use and natural resources matters. The firm’s clients include individual property owners, small local land developers, large developers, municipalities, and regional and national timber and logging companies.

Carmichael Clark maintains a busy local and regional land use practice. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience and a successful record in handling land development issues involving Washington’s Growth Management Act, the state Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), state shoreline regulations, local zoning and development ordinances, wetland and sensitive land (critical area) laws. Additionally, the firm successfully defends, obtains, and establishes water rights for both private clients and public entities.

Being located in Whatcom County in Northwest Washington, Carmichael Clark has a long history representing individuals and businesses involved in the logging and timber industries, which provides it a unique understanding of those industries and the goals of those involved in them. The firm has extensive experience and a successful record of representing landowners and logging companies in Washington’s Forest Practices Act applications before the state Department of Natural Resources. The firm also has extensive experience representing landowners and logging companies in lawsuits involving damage caused by logging activities, including landslides.

The firm’s natural resources practice also involves work on water quality and quantity issues relating to the federal Clean Water Act. The firm has also worked with the cultural concerns of native tribes under the National Historic Preservation Act and other state laws.


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