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Construction Defects

Five Things to Help Avoid Disputes with Contractors

The Washington Department of Labor & Industries has a great step-by-step homeowner’s guide to hiring a contractor that can be found online here. Every homeowner should review this guide before hiring a contractor to help avoid disputes with a contractor. Below is a list of some important things a homeowner can do to decrease the likelihood of a dispute arising with a contractor.


1.  Verify Contractor Registration. Verify that the contractor is registered with the Department of Labor & Industries and… Continue reading

Providing Notice of Construction Defect Claims

In 2002, the Washington State Legislature passed a law requiring that a property owner give notice to a contractor before the owner can file a lawsuit against the contractor for construction defects.  This notice is required for defects caused in the construction of a residence (a single-family house, duplex, triplex, quadraplex, or a unit in a multiunit residential structure) or in the substantial remodel of a residence.

Specifically, according to chapter 64.50 RCW, before a construction defect lawsuit can be brought against a contractor,… Continue reading