Appellate Advocacy
October 28th, 2021

Settlement agreements are contracts. They are favored in the law and are governed by general principles of contract law. A contract requires offer, acceptance, and consideration. Acceptance is an expression by word, sign, or writing of the intent to be bound by the terms of the offer. Once an offer is accepted there is a…

May 27th, 2021

A key step in perfecting a lawsuit is serving the defendants. Failing to serve timely or serving the wrong documents or the wrong person could lead to dismissal of a case. One of the most basic, and often confusing, aspects of service is understanding the difference between form of process and service of process. Form…

June 5th, 2018

Standing is a jurisdictional issue. If you don’t have standing, you can’t bring a case in court. Or if you file a case, it can be dismissed at any time.

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